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We are the trusted advisor for thousands of clients across Pennsylvania to protect their families. Our purpose is to give you peace of mind with a Zihmer Law Firm Estate Plan.

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Our Estate Planning Proven Process

Start with a free discovery call with our team.

From there, our clients meet with their attorney either virtually from the comfort of their own home or in our office.

Once you design your estate plan with your attorney, our team will prepare all of your documents.  

We send your documents to you and give you time to look through them.  

Your attorney is available to answer questions and walk through your documents with you.

Lastly, we coordinate a signing ceremony in our office to finalize your documents.

Probate and estate administration

We take the lead.


We guide families through Probate.

When you lose a loved one, there can be a lot of questions about what to do next.  

Some families have a trust to carry out.  Other families have a Last Will and Testament.  Sometimes there isn't an estate plan for you to use. 

No matter what type of estate plan is (or isn't) in place, our team is prepared to guide you through the entire administration.

We start with a free discovery call with our team to understand you and your family.

Our team will probate the estate, prepare the inheritance tax return, document the inventory of assets, and can file estate/trust income tax returns as needed.

We offer packages and options so that you get the help you need, without paying a percentage of assets or getting hourly invoices.


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When the time comes to need an Estate Plan

...then it's too late to put one in place.

Let's work together and protect your loved ones.

Here are answers to your

Commonly Asked Questions

Does your firm prepare wills for people?

All of the time! Our attorneys will meet with you during your design meeting to determine the documents that will accomplish your goals. For many people, a will is part of their estate plan.

Should I use a will or a trust?

It depends. Each year we are near a 50/50 split between will-based plans and trust-based plans for our clients. It all comes down to your goals and the type of plan you want in place for your family when you are gone.

We just had our first baby, do you help with wills for this?

Congratulations, and yes we do! We have great options to put a plan in place for families with children. The biggest concern is usually who will raise your children if something happens to you. We've got you covered!

My spouse just died and I don't know if I need to do anything. Can you help?

Yes! Let's get connected for a free discovery call. Our team will work with you to determine what (if anything) needs to happen next. Depending on titling of assets, there may or may not be anything that needs to occur.

My mom or dad passed away and we can't find a will. Help!

It is going to be alright. Estates that don't have a will are considered intestate. That's just a fancy word "there isn't a will". Pennsylvania has an entire process for this and we have guided clients through it hundreds of times.

The Johnson Estate Fee for Probate for my family is high. Are there other options?

You came to the right place. We never use a percentage of assets for probate fees. Our team will calculate a fee and build a proposal based on the work involved, NOT the value of the assets. 

What can I do if I'm concerned about nursing home bills in the future?

We help families every day navigate the waters of Asset Protection from Nursing Homes. If you have concerns of being in a nursing home and how you will pay for it, then let's see which of your assets can be protected.

Mom just went to a nursing home and I don't think she will be able to come home. Now what?

This is considered Medicaid Crisis Planning, and we have an entire team dedicated to this. Reach out to us and let's connect on a discovery call. We will start putting in place the necessary steps to preserve assets while getting mom (or dad) the care that they need and deserve.

My dad is moving in with us so that we can care for him. Is there anything that we should do?

There are a number of options when you are a caregiver for an aging parent. Let's identify the chances that they will end up in a nursing home eventually and what the family wants to do about that. Then we can determine the best course of action to spend down assets.

Let's put a plan in place for your family TODAY!

Stop putting this off and reach out to us now.

When you work with Zihmer Law Firm

You become family.

THOUSANDS of people all across Pennsylvania have joined the Zihmer Law Firm Family. We are the top law firm for estate planning, estate administration & probate, and elder law.

Are you ready to take the next steps?

Book your free discovery call and let's learn how we can work together to help your family!

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